If your high profile business event or conference requires prestige, absolute professionalism and a touch of something special, there’s little more you could do than employ the spectacular Grand Hotel Villa Politi Syracuse as your venue of choice. Frequented by notable historical figures past and present and built literally upon the Latomie dei Cappuccini archaeological site, this stupendous liberty style villa exudes splendour and majesty and our meeting and conference rooms in Syracuse are no exception. Gazing out over the Mediterranean from our cliff top location, our four state of the art conference rooms and Business Suite with internet terminals available for all guests (at a supplement) hold a maximum capacity of 820 people in total - not counting our outside area which comprises private parkland, a large outdoor pool and seasonal bar.


  • Acradina Room with a central table to accommodate up to 10 people. LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, and internet point
  • Churchill Room with wooden floors and wooden panelling, decorated ceiling and a magnificent Art Nouveau skylight. One of the oldest rooms holding up to 60 seats
  • Latomies Room named after the ancient quariess where the Grand Hotel Villa Politi is located. style chairs
  • Hall of the Console, with two terraces that look out onto the Latomies. Holds up to 40 chairs in the audience
  • Convivia Room: with secretary, a cloakroom, a cocktail bar, veranda to stand or buffet, large multi-purpose space with up to 250 theatre style seats
  • Laudien Hall: the magnificent hall of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi, contains up to 260 theatre-style chairs
  • The Veranda is also available to stand or buffet up to 30 people
  • Lobby and foyer space can hold up to 15 stands
  • The Terrace of the Latomies Park, ideal for shows, lunches or dinners, holds up to 400 people
  • Pool Sundeck for moments of pure relaxation. (open from June to September)


  • PA system
  • Projector & screens
  • Stationary
  • Refreshments
  • Radio microphones on request


  • Convivia Room - 250 people
  • Veranda - 30 people
  • Latomie Room - 150 people
  • Churchill Room - 60 people
  • L'Audien Hall - 260 people
  • Sala Akradina - Internet Suite, Sky TV – 10 people


The Grand Hotel Villa Politi Syracuse’s public areas, including our state-of-the-art conference rooms, have been utilised over the past 150 years for some of the most important and high profile meetings and events in Italy, from royal visits by the Princes of Piedmont in the late 19th century to the villa’s role as a strategic base in the struggle against the Nazis in 1944. Today, this historical villa is one of the most prominent and reputable luxury hotels in Sicily.

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