Ways...of living, eating, dreaming. A different way to live, to eat, to dream and to cook. Our chef, Corrado Mazara and his team give you a hearty welcome. According to a philosophy which considers the taste of good food as an important added value to the stay in the hotel, the Grand Hotel Villa Politi offers its guests an exclusive catering experience, which can satisfy the most demanding palates. The various indoor rooms of the restaurant: "Laudien" "Churchill" "Veranda Spring", decorated in Art Nouveau style and adorned with chandeliers, sumptuous, neoclassical architecture and frescoed ceilings, can accommodate up to 300 people. The outdoor space named the "Park of the Latomies" is suitable for large buffet functions in the midst of and surrounded by unspoiled nature.


We also offer the "Spring Veranda", not to mention the magnificent "Laudien" ballroom in which, as in the other rooms, you can enjoy the best of international Mediterranean and regional level cuisine, inspired by the highest quality and traditional ingredients. There is a choice of extremely varied menus ranging from working lunches to brunch, banquets and gala dinners that seek to satisfy to the utmost the atmosphere of each function and customer need.


Ideal for meetings, banquets or for a romantic dinner for two by candlelight, our rooms are:

  • "Veranda Spring", overlooking the Latomies, perfect for your lunch or dinner. A space that inspires intimacy
  • A space that inspires intimacy. "Laudien Hall" - the former ballroom of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi - can accommodate up to 180 people. If accommodate up to 300 people
  • "Churchill Room" can accommodate up to 60 people. The dining preferred by Winston Churchill where here in the bow window, he loved to paint
  • "The Terrace in the Park of the Latomies" can accommodate up to 400 people for lunch or buffet dinner immersed in the heart of nature


  • Parcels of "mucco" (baby fish) on a bed of Saint Germain cream
  • The red prawn of Mazara on lightly marinated ricotta mousse and pearls of Grand-Marnier
  • Tagliolini Triclore and tuna roe whipped with cream of leek and Pachino
  • Sea bream fillet seared in a pan with grilled fruits and vegetables
  • Free-range chicken in a spicy coating with parsley potatoes
  • Sliced tenderloin of beef in a Nero D'Avola red wine sauce together with marjoram flange with sauteed vegetables
  • Our hamburgers... Sicilian style
  • The ricotta mousse and pear on pistachio biscuit with chopped candied fruit
  • The roulade with caramel crepes filled with lemon cream on strawberry coulis and low-fat yogurt


Bar Winston offers a delightful selection of classical Italian aperitivi such as Spumante and Prosecco; and digestivi such as Amaro and Limoncello; as well as a selection of cocktails and fine wines throughout the evening. A great rendezvous point or setting for an evening of gentle relaxation, our hotel bar, which is open all year round, also serves a fine selection of foreign liqueurs such as brandies, whiskies and vodkas.

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