Located in the lush Latomies park overlooking the blue Ionian Sea, the Grand Hotel Villa Politi is the most romantic setting for weddings, celebrations and parties. The elegant rooms allow you to organize your wedding reception either for a few close friends or for a large number of guests. The gorgeous Art Nouveau rooms - full of charm and history, are filled with original antiques, and the breath-taking outdoor spaces are the guarantee of a memorable reception. Our hotel’s planning and flexibility can make your event even more unique by providing a “tailor made” atmosphere for every event. In addition, the 100 rooms at the Grand Hotel Villa Politi, are able to accommodate a large number of guests who wish to stay for the night or take the opportunity of your wedding to spend a pleasant holiday. Of course our Bridal Suite is reserved just for the happy couple, but nevertheless, the standard of our rooms means that every guest will enjoy a fabulous stay.


The magnificent original parquet of the early twentieth century, the tall stone columns, large windows, the old glittering chandeliers ... all evocative in a French style reminiscent of the great glories of the past, memories of wonderful balls and dinner dances that attracted "la crème the crème "of the aristocracy and upper classes of the time to the Grand Hotel Villa Politi. Even today, the elegant and famous meet at the Grand Hotel Villa Politi, which has become a prime and exclusive venue for a memorable wedding!


Overlooking the lush Latomie garden, stone quarries used by the ancient Greeks to extract the necessary material for the construction of temples, the great terrace of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi is transformed into the set of a magnificent film against the backdrop of the imposing facade of the Art Nouveau. One can imagine the invited guests - the smiles, the joy, the elegance, the rustle of silk, the lightness of the veil that brushes the floor, raised glasses in a toast to future happiness ... and then a collection of delicious dishes accompanied by the best wines from our cellar. And all around you, the impeccable organization of a wedding reception like no other: your own.


The Grand Hotel Villa Politi, 1862, has a long tradition of organizing weddings. There are many pairs of prospective spouses, both from Italy and abroad, who choose our ancient residence to celebrate their special day on their new journey of lives together. The picturesque setting of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi offers plenty of space both inside and outside including the charming terrace, the beautiful pool, beautiful garden, or the ancient halls that can accommodate our renowned restaurant. The chef and his team are able to work out for your wedding banquet a selection of "tailor made" special dishes and organize your Wedding Reception as you desire it. At the Grand Hotel Villa Politi – we put you at the centre!


The large wrought iron gate opens out onto a magnificent garden of trees, with beds of flowers in delicate colors strewn under their shade. The tables, upholstered chairs, and romantic lights, offer an impalpable atmosphere of romance and class. Everything you could wish for to offer to your guests and family is catered for and you can rest in the assurance of a unique and pleasurable setting for your wedding aperitif or your banquet.

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